YPiA will follow current CDC guidelines regarding limiting the spread of COVID-19. Below are the guidelines we will use as we plan and gather for events. The board will continue to evaluate these at our monthly board meetings and based on CDC updates.

  • Seats must be placed at least six (6) feet apart.

  • Spaces will be set up for physical distancing and be limited to 50% of original maximum occupancy.

  • Masks/face coverings must be worn by participants at all times for all indoor events.

  • Temperatures will be taken prior to being able to enter the meeting space and hand sanitizer will be distributed to all attendees upon arrival.

  • Meeting participants shall avoid passing items around or sharing tablets, pens, books, etc. Any shared items (electronics, office supplies, etc.) must be disinfected after each use.

  • Food may be served at events in individual servings and will only be consumed while sitting and socially distancing. Best practices will be followed to minimize touching or sharing objects. 

  • Events may be limited to a maximum number of attendees per current CDC guidance. Virtual options will be provided, if the event space allows and for those that do not feel comfortable attending in person.

  • Anyone who does not feel well, is showing any symptoms, or who has been exposed to someone who is sick, shall not attend the event. Use the CDC’s Self-Checker guide to make healthy decisions and seek appropriate medical care.


Updated: January 29, 2021